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MGM shifted from NSS6 to AsiaSat5

MGM removed from NSS6 at 95.0E and added on AsiaSat5 at 100.5E.

The channel is FTA.


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  1. I think you are getting this channel free in your 600 rupees Offer which you took with mono block

  2. As presumed / expected by me, a month back, the channel has been added in English Entertainment Pack.

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  3. any idea why they had shifted to asiasat 5? are they going to add some new channel on nss6

  4. The channel is available in Platinum / Paradise Packs only. I am in South World Pack and having a-la-carte of English Entertainment + Joy Pack. All the channels of English Entertainment + Joy Pack are on AS 5. Ever Since MGM channel is shifted to AS 5, I am receiving the channel, though it is not part of my base pack (Ofcourse, Amatan confirmed it is FTA as of now). Hence I presume that MGM channel will be added in English Entertainment or Joy Pack. Let us wait for a few days for an official declaration of the same.

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