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MIB grants four and cancels 10 TV channel licences

The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting (MIB) granted four new TV channel licences in July while at the same time cancelling the licences of 10 TV channels.

The ministry has granted licences to B4U Television Network, Airtravel Enterprises India and Goodnews Channel.

Three of the new licences are in non-news category while one is in the news category.

Except for Airtel Enterprises India, the other two companies have got non-news licences.

B4U Television Network has acquired non-news uplinking licences named B4U Plus and B4U Hitz in Hindi and English.

Goodnews Channel has received the licence under the name Nambikkai Television in Tamil.

It currently owns and operates a non-news channel under the name Goodnews TV.

Airtravel has received a news uplinking licence under the name ATE TV in Malayalam and English. Established in 1976, Airtravel Enterprises India is a leading travel and destination management company.

The ministry has cancelled 10 TV channel licences of four companies.

These include Maa Television Network, STV Enterprises and Lemon Entertainment. Maa TV and STV Enterprises had four licences each while Lemon Entertainment had two licences.

The licences of these companies have been cancelled due to denial of security clearance by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).

MIB grants four and cancels 10 TV channel licences


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  1. Sun Network was also denied due to security threats. Don’t know when its license will be revoked.

  2. MAA Channels licence cancelled? Or maybe MAA TV Network Licence cancelled ? and it will be run by STAR?

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