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MIB seeks ‘clinching evidence’ on denial of security clearance to Sun TV

NEW DELHI: The Ministry of
Information and Broadcasting (MIB)
has communicated to the Ministry of
Home Affairs (MHA) that it would
require “clinching evidence” that
would go to prove that the operations
of the Sun TV channels would harm
national security.
The ministry has sought details so
that it can justify its action if the
matter reaches court. Sun TV will
definitely move court if the MIB
cancels its licence due to denial of
security clearance by the MHA.
The MHA had given a very vague reply
to the MIB when the latter had sought
details about reasons for denial of
security nod to the TV network.
Earlier, the MIB officials had said
that the ministry will hold more
consultations with the MHA before
taking a final call on the matter.
This came in the wake of media
reports that the Prime Minister’s
Office (PMO) has leaned in favour of
MHA in the Sun TV case.
The MHA had denied security clearance
to TV as well as FM radio stations
contending that there are serious
criminal investigations pending
against Sun TV promoters.
The MHA has stuck to its guns despite
requests by the MIB to review its

MIB seeks ‘clinching evidence’ on denial of security clearance to Sun TV

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