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mj bhai plz help

mj bhai can u tell after checking as to how wmany true hd channels dish tv has, soem people r saying that dish tv has added nat geo music hd and baby tv hd. can u check if these r hd chs or has dish tv added demodulated sd feed of baby tv hd and nat geo music hd.
also tell me r nat geo adventure hd and nat geo wild hd real hd chs in dish tv or they also demosulated sd feed of hd chs which r being tyelecasted in 16:9 aspect ratio

i guess dish tv was fooling all people earlier but people came to know about fake hd chs as they were being telecasted in 4:3 aspect ratio. now what they r doing is that they r getting chs which have hd feed , demodulating them in sd and telecasting it in 16:9 format. may b they r even telecasting nat geo adventure hd and nat geo wild hd too in demosulated sd version and as it is in 16:9 format ,people r getting fooled that its hd


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  1. here there is something which i posted long about about bitrates view of all dth

  2. ok tomorrow will try to check in the receivers and equipments i have 🙂

  3. if u see all true hd channels must b telecasting on dish tv at above 2.5 msps space or more. while fake upscaled sd chs which dish tv calls as hd must b under 2 msps. do u hav any equipment which can dtect true hd chs by showing any logo of hd in receiver

  4. zee talkies surely is not hd as zee talkies hd has not launched yet

  5. bhai in my opinion dish tv is telecasting many hd channels demodulating it as sd and they r all in 16:9 aspect ratio. so plz look carefully. i am quite sure that nat geo music too is a sd channel ( hd ch being domodulated to sd by dish tv)

  6. Dishtv current has the following Real HD channels,
    Zee tv hd,
    Colors HD
    Sony Hd,
    Zee Cinema HD
    Zee Studio HD
    Movies Now HD
    Travel XP Hd
    Fox Traveller Hd
    Discovery Hd
    Nat Geo Hd
    History Hd
    Nat Geo Adventure Hd
    Nat Geo Wild Hd
    Nat Geo Music Hd
    Ten HD
    Six HD
    Utv stars HD
    M tunes HD
    Cnbc Prime HD ………. all these are real HD only.

    There is one channel Zee Talkies HD (it also looks good quality like HD)

    Nat Geo Music has changed to HD last month or so, Baby tv i didnt notice anything . Anyway will check that baby tv hd again today.

    This is nat geo music HD pic, but take from tuner at 576p, so it wont look good as it will be when watching in tv.

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