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Mohana Tv MPEG4 starts from Eutelsat 70B

Mohana Tv MPEG4 Started from Eutelsat 70B @70.5 Degree East. already another Mohana TV in this TP but in MPEG2.


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  1. This channel left now.

  2. yes that is what i had read few months ago about this satellite . Thats why no channel stays for long here.

  3. So this satellite is presently meant for free testing purposes .

  4. No, mostly they are giving Free testing for channels and any channel can start on this satellite and test their channels for free and no need to pay .

  5. Some thing new will be from this satellite in coming days. we can’t even guess what may be 🙁

  6. Another channel from Cband on 76 East added on this Ku band sat

  7. Pictures .


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