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My 4 Way Power Divider/Splitter.

Few days back i was searching local electronic shops for 8×1 switch . in one shop i found 1 old 4 Way power divider/Splitter. it was unsold new piece . :D. i thought of buying for my collections. 😛 as he said the actuall price was more than 200/- .he didnt quoted any price for me but i gave him Rs 100/- , now using the PD for SD STB +RDTV STB + PCI Card.
After i connected to the PD the signal level shows less but the Signal quality is not reducing. so no issues . all 4 ports are working fine.



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  1. Our lnbs now days do this A/B so saving us from one switch.

  2. i don’t have this but my friend a cable operator have this.

  3. A/B switch mostly used in earlier days for Cband before we started getting dual out etc.,. In the feedhorn they will put two LNBs via clamp. When you select H & V on stb (18V/13V) here this will switch and go to that LNB.

    @dayag you have this as well?

  4. looks like that only , Amatan will only know more about these than me 😀

  5. Is this called Power divider.


  6. Filter will be either bandpass or power pass. Some cases Notch as well. But divider just simply spilts 1 to 4 or 8 etc.,.

  7. Ok, Thanks.
    What is the differance between Filter and divider. ? please tell in details .

  8. Small correction Dayag it is power pass filter not power divider/splitter.

    Here is my power pass filter. This is HD ready too 😆


  9. I was not intended to buy or searched for it. i saw and bought it because of my craze about equipments . 😛 Yes looks like very old but still working fine.

  10. this is what i have since few months, but yet to use it

    [align=center][ATTACHMENT NOT FOUND][/align]

  11. You got good deal 🙂 The market price is around 250-280 rupees for this. It looks like made in Chennai/India atleast in the box. Looks like it was made during Analog days. Long before China dumped here.

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