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My experience with Snapdeal

My experience with Snapdeal.com

I wanted to buy an item and when I searched, I found it was available on few online shopping sites and I chose Snapdeal as it costed some 800 rupees lesser than from other sites. I went on to register and also paid for the item.

Now problems started. Amount got debited from bank but not shown on Snap deal site. I sent Email to their support team along with transaction details about this, they replied in around 45 minutes giving some complaint number and telling that if I had paid for the item and the transaction has failed then they will refund the amount (this shows they didn’t even bother to check whether the transaction failed).

I went on to try another time and this time transaction was successful but sadly the order ID remained the same. Same Order ID for Failed and Successful transaction!) All these mess were on 5th August.

The seller put that it is waiting for pickup by the courier company (Bluedart) on 6th August. It was finally picked up on 7 Aug. In Snapdeal as far as I know we don’t have any option to see the seller location and also no options to contact seller about the shipment service he might use. If I had known that seller was in Lucknow and if the same product was available around similar rate in Chennai or some place nearer to my city I might have chosen them as I will get the item faster. No option to choose shipping. Few rupees more I can spend than waiting endlessly.

Lucknow Service Centre Shipment Arrived 07-Aug-2014 23:26
Lucknow Service Centre Shipment Further Connected 07-Aug-2014 23:28

From seller’s place to Lucknow Service centre they took 1 day!

Lucknow Warehouse Paper Work Inscan 08-Aug-2014 23:16
Lucknow Warehouse Shipment Arrived 08-Aug-2014 23:19

Just from Lucknow Service centre to Lucknow Warehouse they took another 1 day! Wont it be normal for service centres to collect their parcels till evening and drop them in Warehouse in the night? But here they are different

8th August: No refund for the failed transaction yet. Customer care now started sending replies that the item has been shipped! They are in no mood to even read the email properly and getting confused with same order id. Making me :@ Explained them that I was asking about failed transaction. No reponse from them :@:@

Lucknow Warehouse Shipment Further Connected 09-Aug-2014 00:17
National Highway Hub Paper Work Inscan 10-Aug-2014 03:35
National Highway Hub Shipment Arrived 10-Aug-2014 03:57
National Highway Hub Shipment Further Connected 10-Aug-2014 21:36

It takes more than a day to reach their National Hub from Lucknow.

10 August:Five days gone by and I sent Email again about the refund, as I had the complaint registered when I first had the transaction failed I used that number to prove my point or atleast to make them see at their end. No response.

On 11th got fedup and called Customer care and he said I need to send them scanned copy of my bank passbook to prove that amount has been debited! Done that and sent them the scanned copy.

On 12th evening I got Email from CCAvenue that Merchant has initiated refund and I need to coordinate with my bank to get refund :huh:

On 13th evening finally got the refund. In IRCTC they refund the amount in around 2 days without us complaining. But here there is next to no response from Snapdeal. They claim they will refund within 5-7 days! But only after calling them they are telling us to send scanned copies so to enable refunds. If they had told about this in first email I would have sent the same. Also for what they need me to show, when they can easily check the failed transaction with the bank reference code.

Ok now one headache over now back to following our shipment.

Guindy Warehouse Paper Work Inscan 14-Aug-2014 21:04
Guindy Warehouse Shipment Arrived 14-Aug-2014 22:01

After it started from National Hub it took another 4 days to reach Chennai Warehouse.

Guindy Warehouse Shipment Out For Delivery 16-Aug-2014 12:38
Guindy Warehouse Shipment Delivered 16-Aug-2014 15:45

Yet another day lost (due to holiday) and luckily as it was Saturday it got delivered. It was delivered to me at 16.30 and not 15.45 like they have put.

Paid on 5th August and got it on 16th August. 11 days and this is the standard of Blue Dart. In the mean time my friend ordered an item from shopclues on 9th and got it on 12th. Without shame Bluedart site mentions transit time will be 5 days.

In the item Warranty Card wasn’t filled nor stamped by the seller and also no bill. Now following this will Snapdeal customer care and getting template replies. Will update here once it gets over.

Cons of snapdeal: [list]
[*]We cannot see the seller city (Like in Most of the Online shopping sites)
[*]We cannot choose shipping in most cases
[*]Cannot contact Sellers (like in Ebay) at all
[*]Ratings: We cannot see individual comments and ratings from buyers for that seller and instead some overall rating.
[*] Customer care will send you template replies in almost all the cases. Calling them is better.[/list]

Update: Got Invoice in Email and this is what they claim is enough to get warranty!


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  1. i am only using FlipKart and ebay

  2. FlipKart and Amazon.in Are Best, HealthKart Is Worst.. Havent Had Any Problems Yet With SnapDeal…

  3. Unfair on their part.

  4. many online sellers donot ship to kerala, something to do with salestax i think. Started this year
    ,earlier flipkart used to ship. now i think only ebay and amazon does

  5. They don’t ship to Kerala? Why so?

  6. i only buy from ebay or amazon precisely due to these reasons. mostly from ebay.in . If not shipped in 7 days it refunds automatically.anyway snapdeal, flipkart etc donot ship to kerala so no need to even try them

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