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Namaskaram Pack at 99 rupees per month

Zing Digital for Telugu viewers in Ap/Telangana starts at 99 rupees per month

The pack name is “Namaskaram Pack” and cost [color=#FF4500][size=large]99[/size][/color] rupees.

It includes 17 Telugu Channels , all of them are not usefull as 99% of those are News channels. No gemini tv, maatv, etv, zee telugu in this pack which cost 99rupees..

This pack is just for those who are currently used to watch dd free dish channels. But will they spend 99 rupees to watch only News channels which show almost same news again and again.

Will post the list of channels soon, as some copy cats might copy this itself first as they did with my previous information about this launch in another forum without any source.


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  1. including taxes it is 99 per month

  2. Rs. 99 + Taxes or Rs. 99 itself ? :rolleyes:

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