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Nameless 11670_5000 added in Tatasky Transponder..

Tatasky added a Nameless 11670_5000 Channel in its Transponder… this is having Telugu audio PID and in Radio section… Its in MPEG2…



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  1. Bro… its a Testing channel .. so dont go for the audio PID and confirm as so and so channel… BTW Still No EPG of any programs..
    Telugu audio was from the start of addition itself in Transponder and not added later…

  2. Might be that there r some some technical complications. If APID is same then surely its that only as APID can’t be same for diff chs

  3. Even if its same then too that doesnt confirm its for ZEE Q ..bcoz y they add another channel as they already added audio in the same channel itself .. also y they add a separate audio channel for only ZEE Q .. ?
    Remember there is only 1 Nameless channel in all Transponders… there r many channels having multiple audio but all r not having any Nameless channels for their multiple audio..
    Also they didnt added separate channels for other 1 either for English or hindi.. then y for Telugu.. just a thought..

  4. sir, plz check if audio pid of this feed and telugu audio feed f zee q is same or not?

  5. But till now they didnt added in Nameless for any multiple audio channels .. but in future i cant predict..

  6. Sir, tata sky can name it anything

  7. But in C band too they r adding in the same name of channel for differant audio PIDs likes of Sony KIX having mulitiple channels in same frequency.. AFAIK there is no channel in “Nameless” for multiple audio…

  8. Sir tata sky can nam it anything, that is not an issue. Even on c band many chs run with audio feeds appearing separately

  9. I think no… If this is a Telugu audio feed for ZEE Q then the name should be ZEE Q itself …
    Also i think now they r not adding multiple channels for audio feeds …most of the channels..

  10. Its nothing but telugu audio feed of Zee Q. Even on C Band i have seen many chs testing audio feeds separately like this

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