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Need Help To Buy FTA Receiver

I am newbie to this,its my first post.
I have read somewhere in this forum that there are 2 bands : C band and Ku Band !

My Doubts :
1. Can a Same Fta Receiver can receive both C band and Ku Band ?
2.All Channels are Not Available On Same Satellite,So Can I add Multiple Satellites in My Setup ?
3. Will I Get Dish also with FTA Receiver ? If Not Suggest me the best dish antenna specifications !
4. My TV doesnt Support HD Resolution,So If I buy HD FTA Receiver,then Can I Reduce the Resolution Or Normal Quality Channels will be available on My fta receiver !

Pls Post answers. I used to watch live tv,but some links doesnt work and also i am unable to get all free channels online !

And Can I Use Antenna Of Any Dth Provider Like Dishtv/SunDirect/TataSky With This ,Or this Need Large Dish Antenna ?


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  1. Many of the popular channels are scrambled. So you cannot watch them with STB.

  2. I want to watch all south indian channels, and Movie channels Hindi amd english…

  3. 1) You can use same reciever for c band and ku band.

    2) So you can not tune multiple satellite at the same time, if you want to multiple satellite tv channel you need more than one lnb and c band dish.

    3) You not get dish with fta reciever so you bought it again.

    4) You can also reduce resolution to 4:3 and also narmal fta channels available in fta reciever.

    5) You may use any ku band dish like other dth provider like dishtv, adtv etc.

    I hope this post will helpful for you

    Thank you.

  4. You can use the same receiver for C and Ku. HD receiver can be used with ordinary TVs. If you can tell what channels you want we can help you better.

  5. which channels you want to watch?

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