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New channel numbers on Tata sky from 28 December 12

[*] From 00:01 AM on 28 December 2012, the channel number on Tata sky will undergo a change

[*] To know the NEW channel numbers, press “Guide” on Tata Sky remote

[*] Favourites and Locked channels will have to be re-set

[*] No loss of recording or series link for HD PVR subscribers
[/list]Tata Sky channel number changes.jpg


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  1. He will ask today and tomorrow he will post again with another id even if he is banned. Strangest person I have seen.

  2. [quote=’Amatan’ pid=’12859′ dateline=’1356670655′]
    Was Mr.29 banned for life?

    he has been asking for ban in all forumshttp://www.dthhelp.net/images/smilies/lol.gif

  3. BTW , today Ratan TATA turned 75…And he is retiring from TATA group’s chairman position today. It would have been good send off If TS has added massive no of channels today 🙂

  4. Was Mr.29 banned for life?

  5. I accessed the EPG today morning and got to know that some of the channels line up in Tata Sky will change w.e.f 28th Dec. This is a good sign from Tata Sky as they are gearing up for new channel additions. To accommodate the ever increasing channels of different genres, this change has been made. Double good news for Tata Sky+ HD users as the change will not impact the current and future recordings. Only favourites and locked channels will have to be reset to align with the new channel numbers. Press guide on remote to get the entire list of new channel numbers.

  6. TSRocks so you are that Very high source?

    ‘If Tatasky doesn’t change their channel list on 28th and this news doesn’t come true then ban them for life 😀 ‘

  7. [quote=’Niraj Rathod’ pid=’12757′ dateline=’1356413167′]
    great so they are going to add new channels on 28 dec. From gsat.

    it is not compulsory they will be adding new channels on 28 . it is just clean up of channe list

  8. Agreed, and 29 is world famous for spreading rumors 😀

  9. making space for regional channels LCN numbers as they didnt expect they will have to add so many regional channels to stay in competition 😀

  10. great so they are going to add new channels on 28 dec. From gsat.

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