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New Frequency on Dish tv on Nss6/Ses8 at 95east

New Frequency is coming up on Nss6/Ses8 at 95 East , its 11130 H  (its currently just being switched ON and Off and not available to all scanners )

Dish tv has 11048 H, 11090 H  and 11170 H  . So this new 11130 H  hoping this must be for Dish tv only.

another old frequency on Nss6 12544 H has also changed its symbol rate to 30000, but still it has data for AOL services only ( so not much expections on this tp unless this data is removed)


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  1. Welcome back kumar sir

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  2. This is not a New Transponder as i know.. it was there from many months…. its a Data Stream Transponder with 32APSK, DVBS2 .. earlier it was in 11142 H with 2800 [something but cant remember exact SR] .. now its in 11135 H with 1280 SR DVBS2. when its live few can get the TP .. it also very low signal.
    AFAIK Surely not a TV Transponder of Dish TV or any other till now..
    BTW dish TV Transponder is 11038 H .. not 11048 H…. i think its a Typo…

  3. So Dishtv viewers get ready for Channels Dhamaka. Finally seems Dishtv also waking up.

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