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New guidelines on child artists expected in 2 months

MUMBAI: The labour ministry is
planning to come up with guidelines in
two months to regulate the working
hours of child actors in the
entertainment space.
The ministry will come out with
stringent guidelines which will include
restriction on work hours, regular
health check-up for children working
in the sector by their employers, and
provision of proper meals to ensure
that the young artists are not
deprived of nutrients required for
A report in Economic Times quoted a
labour ministry official as stating
that the proposal is aimed at ensuring
that child actors get adequate time
for their education and other
“As an exception, we have allowed
children below 14 years to work in the
entertainment industry, keeping in
mind the requirement of the sector as
well as the great career opportunity
it opens up for children at a very small
age. However, this does not mean
that we will let employers over
exploit kids in the name of
entertainment,” the official said.
Last month, the cabinet had given its
approval for moving official
amendments to the Child Labour
(Prohibition & Regulation) Amendment
Bill, 2012, which included prohibiting
employment of children below 14 years
in all occupations and processes and
age of prohibition of employment
linked to age under Right of Children
to Free and Compulsory Education Act,
The government had, however,
allowed the family or family
enterprises, which is other than any
hazardous occupations or processes
set forth in the Schedule, after his
school hours or during vacations from
the rule.
Another notable exception from the
rule was to allow children artists to
work in entertainment industry,
including advertisement, films,
television serials or any such other
entertainment or sports activities
except the circus, subject to such
conditions and safety measures, as
may be prescribed and provided that
such work does not affect the school
education of the child.
According to experts, the audio-visual
industry employs 1-2 per cent of the
total children employed across the
country with the number growing
rapidly. The total number of working
children aged between five and 14 was
1.26 crore, as per 2001 census.

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