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New HD Test Service Channel on Tatasky

New HD Test Service (Test Service 2037) Channel is added on tatasky on frequency 11510 H 30000, with AC3 audio

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1) Test Service 2037 () 11510, H, 30000 78% –

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  1. [color=white].[/color]
    Guys, Tatasky is not in mood to launch any channel right now.
    Tatasky will not launch Romedy Now, not in SD also what to talk about HD. They will not launch even Zee studio HD. Life ok HD & Six HD, they are denying about even testing it. Nat Geo Wild HD & History tv 18 HD, they don’t have any request regarding these channels from customers. Baby TV in SD or HD, they say they have an agreement with the channel to provide it only on TataskyMobile and not on DTH.
    I don’t know why the hell they are testing channels when they are not going to add it.
    Guys, if anyone of you have any conform news regarding addition of any of these channels, then only I will request you to tell me.
    I am too much disappointed from Tatasky Customer Care. I called them several times, but each time they told me that no channel is going to be launched right now. In future if it will be launched then the same will be informed. I don’t know why the hell CustomerCare is there, only to irritate us by providing such useless answers to our queries.
    I have mailed them also, even I chatted with them too, but the response is same, whether they respond through email or through chatting they have to say the same that no channel is going to be launched right now. In future if they will be launched then the same will be informed to us. All the mediums are only to make customers feel that how prompt response Tatasky gives to its customers. But, the important thing is this that what they respond to our queries, and not how quickly they respond.
    I think, they don’t even value customer’s feedback. Because, so many times it happened that CC told me that this channel is in too much demand & lots of request we are receiving daily for this channel and soon Tatasky will add it, but not days, several months passes without adding that so demanded channel and then suddenly a channel is added which was never told as being in demand by CC. So what is this, this means they add the channel which agreement wise economically suits them and not which suits to their customers demand. Being on second no. in DTH market, they are getting much profit, but their strategy regarding addition of channels & the catagory in which they put the channels shows their greed. God knows, how much profit they need more to satiate their greed.
    Anyways, now I don’t have any hope from tatasky regarding addition of channels.

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