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New Life Time Offer for Super Platinum Customers



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  1. [quote=’samanth’ pid=’9194′ dateline=’1338312346′]

    Rs.1000 reduced within few days?

  2. instead of luring with offers they should advertse of chaanels they have and packs

  3. [quote=’deepakmishra’ pid=’9195′ dateline=’1338313276′]
    digitalisation effect :d

    Yes, Ofcourse.

  4. digitalisation effect :d

  5. [align=center][img]http://www.dishtv.in/Library/Images/dishtv-life-time-offer.jpg[/img][/align]

  6. [img]http://www.dishtv.in/Library/Images/lifetime-offer.jpg[/img]

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