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New TP 12546 H 25000 now on Nss6 at 95 east

New TP 12546 H 25000 now on Nss6 at 95 east

this looks to be data tp currently no channels.. just 2 data channels..

will update more soon


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  1. Now this TP is giving almost full signal ..

  2. Nice udate bro. but its data TP as said may be used in future .

  3. Excuse him. He has to run his forum copy pasting. Now when suddenly he had to scan this is what happens.

  4. In one forum someone has scanned and found 2 new TP’s. You know what, those TP’s are there in NSS6 from years.

  5. Mj bhai you are giving too much work to other forum members today,all are reading your posts and working to find the information and post themselves 😀 😀

  6. Can Dishtv use this tp ? it will be great news for dishtv users if they use it

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