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New Tp added in NIT on tatasky

New TP 12600 H 32000 added in NIT on Tatasky DTH


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  1. yes removed now 🙂

  2. UPDATE:-

    12600,H,32000 TP Removed From NIT Scan

  3. not dummy, but its being used by tatasky for some Hotel services

  4. It’s dummy tp?
    MJ sir…

  5. this frequency having same channels which are on 11320 H frequency,

  6. yes its showing in NIT scan but no signal as of now

    NIT: 14 transponders
    – New in NIT: 11320,H,32000 QPSK 7/8
    – New in NIT: 12600,H,32000 QPSK 7/8

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