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New Transponder added by Tatasky ..

Tatasky added New Transponder .in NIT.
Presently no signal in this Taransponder..


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  1. With tata sky anything can happen so i rest my case

  2. Those r default and AFAIK they can add /change according to the Power availabilty.. or Change the Beam if any ..

  3. Tata Sky is so unpredictable, first they tested V Polarity on Insaat 4A then suddenly migrated all SD chs to MPEG4 and switched off V TP’s and now out of nowhere this H TP has appeared when this can’t be from Insat 4A as it has just 12 H TP’s and GSAT10 has V TP’s

  4. Looks like valid Transponder as the differance is 60Mhz with 11470 H 32000 …From Gsat 10 ? 😛 just guessing .. 😆

  5. so now more channels coming soon on ts

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