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New Transponder added in Dish TV.

New TP added & activated by Dish TV Check kumarbhai TP 12050 H 45000 Now total 24 TPs


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  1. Actually they r not much in worry about SD PQ 😀 ..

  2. yes that tp 11990 H 43000 is mpeg4 , but others are mpeg2 and have 35 as u said

  3. In 40700 itself there r more than 35 Channels for Dish Lanka from SES 8 .. so I am expecting may be more than 40 channels..
    11990 H 43000 have 40 channels..

  4. already it has 28 /29 channels on TPs with lesser Symbol Rates , so 30 is possible with this in just DVB S mode.. if they move to DVB S2 then few more

  5. [quote=’MJ786′ pid=’42040′ dateline=’1443706634′]
    Its Dish tv , it can fill more 🙂


  6. Its Dish tv , it can fill more 🙂

  7. Mj bhai we can expect 20 minimum channel on this TP and maximum 22

  8. with 45k symbol rate we can expect lot more channels on this TP atleast another 15

  9. dishtv rocks 🙂

  10. I have merged Both threads of MJ and mine with this ..

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