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Nigel Marven visits India to track deadly snakes on Animal Planet from 5 Oct

MUMBAI: India is home to over 300
species of snakes, with more than 50
venomous varieties. In Animal
Planet’s upcoming series ‘Deadliest
Snakes With Nigel Marven’, naturalist
and wildlife adventurer Nigel Marven
visits India for his pick of ten
deadliest snakes in the country.
Kicking off on 5 October, ‘Deadliest
Snakes With Nigel Marven will air
Monday to Friday at 9 pm.
In a new season of snake adventures,
Nigel continues his quest to uncover
deadly serpents, exploring India,
Malaysia, Australia, Europe and more.
Nigel will be seen tackling some of the
world’s most lethal snakes and
exploring some of the most incredible
and dangerous species of the world.
He joins serpent hunters, venom
scientists and snake fanatics,
uncovers fascinating facts and
behaviours, and meets a supporting
cast of other amazing creatures.
From Tamil Nadu to Andaman Island,
and across Western Ghats, Nigel
travels the length and breadth of
India for his countdown of ten
deadliest snakes in India. He comes
face-to-face with some of the most
lethal snakes, including yellow-lipped
sea krait, king cobra and the
Russell’s viper. He tracks Indian rock
python (ajgar), one of the largest
and longest snakes in India, which can
grow up to 6 meters and can weigh 90
kilos. He also explains how Russell’s
viper has the loudest hiss of any
snake in the world.
On the trail of his top ten, Nigel
visits Southeast Asian country
Malaysia, home to over 170 species of
snakes, around 40 of which are
venomous. Nigel meets worshippers
and vipers at Penang’s famous Snake
Temple, takes a boat trip through the
mangrove swamps of Langkawi, and
even visits a hospital.
Next in his journey is Australia,
renowned for its deadly flora and
fauna, and its many venomous snakes.
It includes the fierce snake, the most
toxic serpent in the world, and the
enormous king brown, which can
deliver more venom in a single bite
than any other snake.
With the help of reptile experts and
scientists, Nigel travels from the
Sandstone Mountains of New South
Wales to the tropical rainforests of
northern Queensland to track down
his top ten. He even meets Steve
Irwin’s son Robert, who takes him
hunting for snakes in his favourite

Nigel Marven visits India to track deadly snakes on Animal Planet from 5 Oct

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