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Now Paints also in HD (high definition) colours

Nerolac paint now in HD colours :lol::lol: what happend to these fellows :verysad::verysad:



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  1. Nerolac paints fade faster than Asian Paints as per some painters.

  2. SRK is the promoter for HD

  3. [quote=’Anirudha’ pid=’27884′ dateline=’1410027194′]
    SRK promoting HD of dishtv and Nerolac 😀

    good find , i didnt notice that 😀

  4. Waiting for ultra HD paint 😀

  5. SRK promoting HD of dishtv and Nerolac 😀

  6. so what next in HD ? pens, pencils, switches, watches…….

  7. yes,even HD contact lens

  8. i have seen even LNBs mentioned as HD lnb and selling..

  9. just enchasing the new craze, nothing more to say.

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