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NXT Digital ‘Hits’ Broadcasting Platform Launched in India

Information and Broadcasting
Minister Arun Jaitley Wednesday
launched an innovative Hits digital
broadcasting platform that will
provide over 500 TV channels to
cable operators, with the
promoter Hinduja group pegging
the total project outlay at more
than Rs. 5,000 crore.
The Hinduja-Hits (Headend-in-
the-Sky) Network, under the
brand name NXT Digital, will serve
Multi System Operators (MSOs) as
well as Local Cable Operators
(LCOs) and aims to tap the
transition from analog to digital
mode of cable TV services under
the government’s digitisation
Launching the new Hits service,
Jaitley said multiple carriage
technologies will provide
customers a choice.
Hinduja Ventures Chairman Ashok
Hinduja said the total project
outlay is envisaged at over Rs
5,000 crore as new products and
services continue to be designed
and developed.
“All the application development
for the NXT Digital platform has
been designed and built 100 per
cent in India.
This cutting-edge technology and
software will allow cable
networks and subscribers alike,
to harness the power of global
innovative solutions right here in
India,” Hinduja said.
The customers will have a choice
and pay for what they want to see
and it will also enable and increase
in revenues to the government
due to full transparency, the
company officials said during the
The new service will enable cable
operators to be independent,
retain network ownership and go
digital as per Government
mandate and deadlines, they said.
NXT Digital said it has designed
the Cable Operator Premise
Equipment (COPE) systems to
specifically cater to Indian
conditions. These COPE systems
have been completely assembled in
India with a fair amount of Indian
components included in the build,
the company said.
“As a response to the nations’
Skill India initiative, NXT Digital
has tied up with training
institutes to train and equip
youth in smaller towns and
markets in India with the
necessary skills required for
supporting a digital India,”
Hinduja said.
These measures would support
the transition of analogue
television networks to digital by
providing a pan-India network of
trained service technicians, he
NXT Digital said it is the next-
generation digital service
platform, combining the best of
Direct to Home (DTH) and cable
technologies to give the
subscribers an enhanced TV
viewing experience.


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  1. its launched today.

  2. from 15 August it came to 16th september

  3. Headend In The Sky (HITS), a digital
    platform would provide viewers access
    to over 500 television channels of
    their choice. Viewers will have an
    access to all international, national,
    regional and local channels.
    Arun Jaitley on Wednesday launched a
    digital platform initiative under the
    brand name NXT DIGITAL promoted by
    the Hinduja Group.
    Headend In The Sky (HITS), a digital
    platform would provide viewers access
    to over 500 television channels of
    their choice. Viewers will have an
    access to all international, national,
    regional and local channels.
    Customers in Andhra Pradesh,
    Telangana, Maharashtra, Punjab and
    Karnataka will now have greater
    access to channels of their choice
    with other states joining in soon. The
    platform is expected to give a thumbs
    up to the Digital India initiative and
    Make In India mission.
    Arun Jaitley launched the platform by
    pressing the button that will enable
    viewers an access to over 500
    television channels of their choice.
    Speaking on the occasion Jaitley said,
    “In view of the multiple carriage
    technologies the launch would provide
    consumers with wider choice.”
    The NXT DIGITAL Broadcast Centre is
    a state-of-the-art next-generation
    MPEG-4 facility that has been
    designed to provide a variety of
    services to the cable distribution
    fraternity and their customers all
    across India.
    The technology is future-proof and
    would offer enhanced television
    experiences for the subscriber whilst
    allowing the cable fraternity to
    manage their networks effortlessly
    using new-age ?cloud? solutions,
    with a minimal investment.
    Designed in a unique manner, NXT
    DIGITAL’s distribution will help India
    register quantum growth. The
    initiative will enable thousands of
    entrepreneurial cable operators to
    make a transition from analog to
    digital across an estimated 120 million
    homes in India.

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