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NXT Digital uses Nagra’s anyCAST and OpenTV solutions

MUMBAI: Nagra, the Kudelski Group-
owned content protection and
multiscreen television solutions
provider, has said that it will be
powering Hinduja Group’s headend-in-
the-sky (HITS) project NXT Digital.
Nagra’s anyCAST content protection
and OpenTV middleware solutions are
enabling the HITS platform to provide
backend operations to local cable
operators and multi-system operators
(MSOs) in India to deliver high-quality
video services across India.
NXT Digital offers a variety of
packages and services including 500-
plus MPEG 4-encrypted services
featuring SD and HD channels along
with value-added services like PVR
and educational content.
“Our new HITS platform gives regional
cable operators access to an
infrastructure that helps them deliver
high-quality video services to a new
generation of viewers. Nagra has
been a key partner in the process,
providing the expertise and support
expected of a pay TV leader, as well
as solutions that provide the right
level of content protection, scale
seamlessly and allow for flexible
business models that are critical to
our operators’ success as they kick
off their new services,” said Hinduja
Ventures managing director Tony
“This new platform makes it easy for
local and regional cable operators to
deploy new services without having to
worry about the operational
complexities that can come with
installing their own system. And by
leveraging Nagra’s deployed, market-
leading solutions, they are ensuring a
high quality user experience that is
not only highly secure but offers pay-
as-you-grow models adapted to their
strategy,” said Nagra’s SVP sales for
Asia-Pacific Jean-Luc Jezouin.
Nagra’s anyCAST Security Services
Platform, OpenTV middleware and user
interface are ready-to-deploy
solutions that enable a range of
entry-level and advanced DTV
services. They allow operators to
leverage scalable, pay-as-you-grow
business models with multiple set-top
boxes (STBs) and chipsets, and include
an intuitive user interface adapted to
India’s diverse population and

NXT Digital uses Nagra’s anyCAST and OpenTV solutions

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