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pathetic experience with tatsky

this is really shame on me that i had taken decision to take tatasky.


Few days before i had seen that a error is coming repeatedly and the error was dbb 2 error and it was telling to insert the card and i tied to insert the card repeatedly .Then i called to cc and technician came and changed the stb and the stb was 3-4 yrs old stb .When i asked why u r giving old stb then he told me that this is the company policy.So i lost my new blck color mpeg 4 stb……


After complete installation of old stb the same problem became repeat.Then i called to cc and then a local technician came and changed the stb and this stb is really pathetic stb and the stb has eliminator….the stb is 3-4yrs old….


Then again a new problem happened.The stb has eliminator and eliminator is little bit loose and sometime it is automatically switched off and again i connect the eliminator properly then i have to restart the stb again…


Today i was chatting with cc agent he told me that the company is not giving the new box they are giving refurbished stb.Again i have given a complain.If this time the problem will not solve permanantly then i will think about other service.

what will i do????why the companuy is not giving the new stb and my stb is in warranty period…….D2h is giving new box if any problem will persist..Then why not tata(sky?????What is the meaning of refurbished box?????


What will i do??????????

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  1. how old is your tatasky connection? tell them u want to cancel it

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