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Pay 9 Get 10 offer from Dish TV

Pay 9 Get 10 offer from Dish TV



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  1. Viki it looks like they wantedly did like this. Because if it was error may be 1 or 2 might come but not like this.

  2. Mj , DISH TV is well known for it’s misleading ads. See , they have Aisanet USA in the list , which don’t have downlink permission in India?!

  3. not only that.. even VICTERS is shown in that background 🙂 dont know who makes such images for dishtv,he must surely do not have knowledge about their own dth or is dishtv going to add them in coming days we have to see ..

  4. They have 20 channels in background image but they have only 13 channels in their platform (including Shalom TV). Surprisingly they have Asianet USA also in the background image :).

  5. This offer is better than Sun direct’s offer 🙂

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