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Payment Overdue OSD

For all HD PVR Customers, “Payment Overdue OSD” will appear on the 3rd day of Dunning cycle

All customers owning HD PVR box will receive “Payment Overdue OSD” on the 3rd day of Dunning cycle. The OSD is translucent and will remain on screen all through the third day of dunning cycle.


[list][*][font=Arial][size=small]Is the Payment Overdue OSD box specific?
Yes, the OSD appears only for HD PVR box. This OSD will not appear in HD and Standard Box.[/size][/font]

[*][font=Arial][size=small]How long does the OSD appear on screen?
The OSD will remain for the entire 3rd day of Dunning cycle.[/size][/font]

[*][font=Arial][size=small]How to get the OSD removed?
The account has to be recharged with sufficient amount for the OSD to disappear.[/size][/font]

[*][font=Arial][size=small]If I reboot the STB will the OSD disappear?

[*][font=Arial][size=small]If I change to different channel will the OSD still be there?

[*][font=Arial][size=small]What will happen if I do not get account recharged by the end of 3rd day of dunning cycle?
On the 4th day of dunning cycle, the account will get deactivated. Channel 100 will be available.[/size][/font]

[*][font=Arial][size=small]Will the OSD remain on the 4th day of Dunning cycle?
OSD will not appear on the 4th day of dunning cycle.[/size][/font]

[*][font=Arial][size=small]Will the OSD appear when deactivated account is reactivated?

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