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Photos of Phoenix Market city Chennai

Phoenix Market City Chennai, one of the biggest malls in the city. It is located in Velachery and spread over 1 million square feet.

The mall features over 250 international and domestic retail brands and also includes 11 screen multiplex cinema.

Today I went there and took some photos of that mall and posting some of them here.


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  1. After an year and a half the same mall now looks nearly same. Some shops closed and some new shops in those places. AC now improved than earlier and now we can feel it in 2nd floor as well much better than earlier.

    Securities are not allowing us to stand near those glass panels. The HP Showroom on the corner which is very small claims to be paying around 2lk per month. It is very hard to believe that. One way has been blocked with chains which can be seen in this picture below the HP showroom. Don’t know the reason. Many touch TVs vanished from the floors and only few are left. Even in those only one or two are working and rest are dead. I missed taking picture of TASMAC shop 😀

    Except few shops rest of the shops don’t get much foot fall. Don’t know for what they have kept those shops open. There is a shop called Diesel on the entrance but till now I haven’t seen a single customer inside it. I went to this mall lot of times.


  2. I went there yesterday and took photos. Yes this places gets crowded at times and even yesterday evening it got crowded as soon as I left that place. Can hear the gate keeper shouting in the loudspeaker telling no space for two wheeler parking.

  3. Less crowded , when did you go ? on a week day? I was there last Saturday , it was very crowded like a picnic spot 🙂

  4. Chennai’s new movie destination ‘LUXE’ The security there didn’t allow me to take photo :@

  5. wont leave you 😆

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