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Pictures of Active Classroom App (Testing Channel)

Exclusive pictures of Active Classroom channel which is testing on Tatasky , currently They are testing this looks like Actve Fitness

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  1. Now they have updated the Tatasky Classroom channel and is showing this screen. There are going to be 3 selections Animated Lessons , Core Concepts and Learning Games

    Here are images of this at First Look only on DTHHELP.NET

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  2. Nice pics mj bro :tup

  3. Good update sir

  4. Now They have started Actve Classroom , here are xclusive images first on http://WWW.DTHHELP.NET 😆 😆

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  5. Exclusive update by MJBhai.

  6. [quote=’Animax’ pid=’52130′ dateline=’1464742037′]
    It’s really looking like Actve Fitness :huh

    😆 😆 😆

  7. It’s really looking like Actve Fitness :huh

  8. Thanks for update sir

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