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“Prbhatam News Punjab” Started from Insat 4A @83°E

“Prbhatam News” Started from Insat 4A @83°E, Its a Telugu News channel. the EPG Name is “Prbhatam News Punjab”

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1) Prbhatam News Punjab (ESCL) 3919, H, 13000 79% Reserved



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  1. Now prabhatam News logo removed, EPG Name still there ..


  2. I has to change the title as another channel stared. 1st i didnt post as the EPG name bcoz of content/Logo was not in Punjabi.

  3. Atleast this time they put these in logo. Some times channel name shown in the stb will be totally different to the channel coming. I was victim of that few times 🙁

  4. Me too didnt get what they r doing. The logo is Prabhatam News, EPG Name is Prabhatam News Punjab, Channel is RK News.

  5. Both the above images are from ‘RK News Telugu’. I don’t know what’s the relation between RK News & Prabhatam group 🙁

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