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Premium and Mega Pack subscribers up selling process change

Brief – Refrain from promising waivers on service and field visits except in cases of in warranty and Annual maintenance contract for Premium and Mega Pack Subscribers

Process/SOP –

Steps to be followed by Inbound TSA:

[list][*][font=Arial][size=small]Refrain from promising the Subscribers about a waiver on service charges and field visits charges.[/size][/font][*][font=Arial][size=small]Please do not mention about these charges unless the Subscriber’s asks.[/size][/font][*][font=Arial][size=small]In case an existing Subscriber has already been promised a waiver, it needs to be applied as it is. Pitch for the following benefits of a Mega pack :[/size][/font][*][font=Arial][size=small]Convenience of having all TATA SKY Channels except Sun network and Topper channels for an entire year.[/size][/font][*][font=Arial][size=small]Subscribers will have the convenience of not having to call Tata Sky for an entire year.[/size][/font][*][font=Arial][size=small]New channels introduced in TATA SKY will automatically get activated with no extra charges.[/size][/font][/list]
Standard Phrase –

[font=Arial][size=small]Question 1[/size][/font]
I should not be charged for relocation or any kind of field visits , isn’t it , I have a Mega pack ?
[font=Arial][size=small]Answer 1[/size][/font]
I understand that you have a Mega pack ; however there is a change in the offer with effect from 1st Feb’12,
[font=Arial][size=small]Question 2[/size][/font]
Why has it changed ?
[font=Arial][size=small]Answer 2[/size][/font]
Sir , offers are time bound; hence, we keep updating our offers from time to time.
[font=Arial][size=small]Question 3[/size][/font]
What will I do if my box stops working during the year?
[font=Arial][size=small]Answer 3[/size][/font]
Let’ s hope that your box does not give you any problem . In case you face any problems you can call us .If it needs a field visit then there is a nominal charge of only Rs. 125/- that will be applied in your account .

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