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Prices of all older Add Ons and Regional Packs will be increased tomorrow

I guess i praised Tata Sky just too early, some habits r there to stay and Tata Sky can’t overcome it.

All Add On package prices and Regional Package prices would be increased tomorrow in the range of Rs. 5-15. For eg. Sports 1 package will cost Rs
120 while the greatest news is that though Tata Sky is including all Ten Network chs as part of the new base packages they r introducing but as they care very much for all older customers so as a gift Sports 2 package price is being increased from Rs
125 to Rs. 140.

What can be more good than this. Increasing price of older packages too, not including Ten Network chs in it and increasing price of Sports 2 package. Muah, Muah ! Love u Tata Sky, u never disappoint. They have made these chs more premium than a true premium channel, hope that soon it crosses 150, then 200 and one day Rs. 500.

We r all super rich, of course we can pay even Rs. 1000 for one channel.

Nice way to value the bond old subscribers have had with them.

Waiting for more price increase , also waiting for the day when all people ditch DTH for Cable TV. Earning profit and running a business is fine but intentionally looting people and becoming greedy should not be the norm. Soon they will see people’s power to boycott their services


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  1. They have updated wrong information about content of packs on both help desk and website

  2. Tata Sky has introduced three new base packs Dhamaal Sports Rs. 360, Bumper Rs. 400, Ultra Rs. 530 and one add on pack All Sports Rs. 160. 
    Following are the list of new packages:
    My 99 pack 
    Dhoom Rs. 199 
    Dhamaal Mix Rs. 270
    Dhamaal Kids Rs. 330
    Sports Dhamaka Rs. 360 
    Bumper Pack Rs. 400
    Ultra Pack Rs. 530

    For South regional two new packs have been added
    South Special Rs. 220 
    South Sports Special Rs. 275.

  3. [quote=’SPANDAN’ pid=’48112′ dateline=’1457424036′]
    What abt HD channel additions.

    Will happen in next few weeks along with many SD chs

  4. What abt HD channel additions.

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