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PTC News, PTC Chakde, PTC Punjabi on new frequency

Ptc news, ptc punjabi and ptc chakde have started on new frequency on intelsat 10 at 68.5 E

3873 H 7199
It is also running on old frequency which is low signal 3733 v 7199


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  1. These channels of PTC network from intelsat 10 are little low signal i think



  2. may b for india they have chosen insat 4a and intelsat is for telecasting to other regions

  3. but these are also new frequencies on which they have started these PTC channels test.. both are DVB S2

  4. earlier dth ops got signal of ptc chs from intelsat only, it was only in dec that ptc instructed all indian cable and dth operators to tune into ptc network chs from insat 4a

  5. they will soon close if they didnt yet..

  6. but indian dth operators are all getting these ptc network chs from insat 4a

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