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Raj Digital Plus will be removed from Dish tv

Raj Digital Plus is going to be removed from Dish Tv from November 25. Scroll is running in that channel.


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  1. [quote=’Admin’ pid=’2457′ dateline=’1322555747′]
    Finally Raj Digital Plus is removed and Kalaignar TV is added.

    some good news and some bad for tamilians 🙁

  2. Finally Raj Digital Plus is removed and Kalaignar TV is added.

  3. yes the channel will be removed from tomorrow.

  4. As per the new scroll the channel will be discontinued from dishtv platform from 29th November 2011.

  5. This channel is still running on dishtv and with same scroll

  6. The channel will be removed on Monday 10 am .

  7. Yes.. scroll still running but channel also running .. if they had reached agreement they could have removed the channel.. if they didnt then should have removed the channel.. maybe as it was sat and sunday some papers pending.. lets see tomorrow

  8. channel not removed but scroll running that it will b removed on 25th Nov, typically Dishtv

  9. I saw in my friends house still the scroll is running on the channel…

  10. I think they have got the carriage fees, so it is not removed.

  11. still channel not removed

  12. wait till afternoon 4pm,we will see some change mostly

  13. till morning 10am i check this channel was still working with same scroll.

  14. Tomorrow I can find some one updating.

  15. yes. channel still running with same scroll.. so only tonight or early morning tomorow it will be removed.

  16. In the channel list it is still showing. So channel coming till tonight?

  17. [align=center]Still the scroll is running.


  18. dish tv said they will remove Amritha tv but it was never removed. so wait and see whether this goes.

  19. they are waste no hope with dish tv.

  20. If carriage fees is problem, then it will be solved , i think.

  21. why they are removing tamil channels. it is very bad on dishtv part.

    few days back they removed kalaignar tv.

  22. In its place, they should add Raj Musix channel.

  23. To my personal, it is a crap.

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