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RDTV base packs price changed

RDTV changed their base packs price ….

1.Bronze=220, old price199,

2.Silver =245, old price225, channel added=star cricket

3.Silver sports=285, old price 270

4.Gold pack=335, old price 315 channel added=CNBC TV 18, CNN IBN and IBN7.


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  1. ok….thanks

  2. [quote=’sunny@bigtv’ pid=’16045′ dateline=’1366297916′]
    really?????? I can’t believe this… 😀

    Mr.sunny@bigtv, its not rumours, you have to believe. Not only that, moreover they have dropped the Diamond pack, so henceforth there will be no diamond pack for the RDTV customer and the remaining two packs price will remain same.

  3. Bad News

  4. really?????? I can’t believe this… 😀

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