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  1. How is the picture quality on Mobile? In the SS you have posted it looks OK but as I am using a bigger screen on a computer than a mobile screen. So it should be nice on mobile screens?

  2. [url=http://www.airtel.in/pocketTV/]http://www.airtel.in/pocketTV/[/url]

  3. [img]http://s29.postimg.org/jdjsffasn/image.png[/img]

  4. 1.Most of the channels are hindi news channels,all sun and raj group channels available.
    2.Airtel customer only can get the access but no need for airtel mobile.
    3.It works good it 3G & WiFi.
    4.need to send ADD TV from registered mobile for activation.
    5.Subscription cost is 60,it will detected from your Airtel digital tv account.
    6.Main thing is your device must registered to airtel system,i need to check with other device with the same account. (may be some security reason,screen capture technology available on major smart phones).

  5. brother do not code the images… 🙂

  6. [quote=’people’ pid=’23181′ dateline=’1395866832′]

    Good update people bro….

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