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SAB TV to replace ‘Krishan Kanhaiya’ with ‘Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi Let’s Go’

MUMBAI: SAB TV is all set to drive in a
new show ‘Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi Let’s
Go’ in its early primetime slot at 7.30
pm from 28 October, replacing the on-
going mytho-comedy ‘Krishan
Airing from Monday to Friday, the
show is centred on the adventurous
relationship of a middle class boy with
his car. Every middle class family
dreams of owning a four wheeler and
the Ahujas’ are no different. Their
mundane life takes a turn when they
get home their first ever car, a
‘Maruti Alto 800’.
The show will define Alto 800 as not
just a car, but a character which is
interactive, fun and exciting. The
show is an AFP (Advertiser Funded
Program) with Maruti Alto 800 and is
stated to run for a period of 3
The car will be depicted as a fun-
loving friend who also contributes in
making the life of the protagonist fun
and bringing happiness to the whole
SAB TV senior EVP and business head
Anooj Kapoor said, “’Chalti Ka Naam
Gaadi, Let’s Go’ manages to
beautifully portray the bond between
the protagonist and his family car.
The story also draws attention to how
together they manage to solve life’s
little problems in a light-hearted way
since this car talks. SAB TV has
always strived to bring the best of
family humour; with this show we
present a fresh concept in comedy to
our viewers.”
The unique concept traces the
relationship that an individual Karan
Ahuja played by Romit Raj shares with
his vehicle. The show chronicles the
journey of the Ahuja family and how
their life turns exciting when they
purchase their first car.
Mr Ahuja who has been working in a
bank’s car loan department has
always wished for his own car but he
has not been able to save enough to
make his dream come true. On his 50th
birthday, his family decides to gift
him a Maruti Alto 800. And, that’s
when the adventure begins. Ahuja’s
son, Karan starts hearing voices and
statements from his family car, only
to realise that nobody except him can
hear those sounds. Karan takes
advantage of this situation and
decides to make the car his constant
conversation companion.
Due to the relationship Karan shares
with the car; it also helps him resolve
day to day problems at home and helps
him come out of situations thereby
bringing his family closer.
Produced by Deepti Bhatnagar
productions, ‘Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi,
Lets Go’, will star Anang Desai, Romit
Raj, Shrishty Rode and Yamini Singh
as central characters.

SAB TV to replace ‘Krishan Kanhaiya’ with ‘Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi Let’s Go’

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