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Sahara One targets LC1 and LC2 with new brand image and shows


at mythology and crime as its USP.
The channels new brand identity new
brand statement statement and look
will be kick started with a new crime
show Masterminds, from 23
November onwards.
“When Trilogic Digital went into a Bulk
Airtime Purchase and Distribution
Agreement (BAPADA) agreement with
Sahara One in April 2014, the channel
didn’t have a distinct USP or what it
stood for. Post which, we did an
extensive research on what works for
our target audience and who are
watching us, and realised that we
clearly needed a brand statement for
the channel to be communicated to our
viewers, and therefore the rebranding
ensued,” informed Trilogic Digital
Media Limited (TDML), COO, Shivani
Jaisingh, giving a premise for the
When it comes to the packaging,
Sahara One has kept its design classy,
while using bright colours that bring
our a connect with its Indianness.
Designed by Kolahoi Media, the
trademark logo has a new look with a
gamut of colours and the name of the
channel in a new font. The multi-
colour interface is a key component
of the channel which personifies its
identity and vibrancy. Right from
promo bugs, transition windows,
sponsor windows to the tickers, each
element will propagate the brand
philosophy of being fresh, innovative
and progressive. Har Pal Manoranjan
signifies the new brand promise of
providing colossal entertainment.
Explaining the new content strategy
for the channel, Jaisingh said, “We
are taking a distinct position on
mythology and crime related shows
and won’t be catering to all genres.
Given that mythology, and crime
especially, are working for our target
group, we plan to dedicate a prime
time band to the genre calling it
‘Prime Crime’, with two new shows
launches. Apart from this we will also
launch a new show Behula based on
Bengali mythology sometime soon.”
The two new shows that Sahara One
will be launching under its new ‘Prime
Crime’ band, Sahara One are– CBI
Files and the above
mentioned Mastermind . Behula will air
in the afternoon band,
Both CBI and Behula will hit the
television airwaves in December.
TDML, being a content producer itself,
is responsible for the creative
content for the shows from its newly
set up production office in Noida.
The decision to rebrand and offer
niche content also came in the wake
of the BARC India ratings inclusive of
rural data, indicating that this the
perfect time for the channel to
rebrand and reach out to the LC1 and
LC2 market. “BARC’s rural data has
given us a wakeup call and changed
our lives. Hence the timing for the
rebranding is absolutely right for us
as our viewers is pretty much the
same demographic and consuming our
content for quite a long time. Our
rebranding is targeted at them,”
informed Jaisingh.
Jaisingh delves deeper into the
question of the channel’s target
audience to explain how BARC ratings
have prompted them to take the call
for the revamp. “As per our research,
most of our viewership comes from
MP, UP, Bihar, Haryana, with some
presence in Delhi. It’s basically the
Hindi Speaking Market and North.
These areas are pretty much single TV
homes where the remote gets passed
around, and prime time is male
dominated. Therefore we see the
crime shows working well for that
demography. We have kept to
mythology and some repeats when
women are watching,” Jaisingh
She further added, “We have made
heavy investments in both distribution
and programming. And thanks to BARC
we have seen a sea change in the
hierarchy in channel rankings. We plan
to capitalise on that and enter the
race with full gusto.”
The timing also makes sense in terms
of digitization that is in progress.
Jaisingh informed
indiantelevision.com that TDML is
ready to reap the fruits of
digitisation and is awaiting the
completion of DAS Phase IV. In fact, a
part of the revamping also sgetting
more cable operators and MSOs on
Under the BAPADA agreement, TDML is
to invest in Sahara One in terms of
distribution, marketing and
programming content for the channel
which allows it to collect the revenue
the channel makes from
advertisements and subscription as
well. The rebranding and the launch of
the new shows are big advantages for
“For existing viewers, we are using
promos to inform them of the
rebranding. When it comes to
marketing, we are concentrating
mainly on the digital platform, as
that’s where we need to have a
presence that was missing for a very
long time. We are concentrating on
bringing new and younger viewers on
board with that,” Jaisingh highlights
their current marketing strategy.
“Brand to brand approach is what
TDML is going for,” Jaisingh adds.
Right from production, execution to
marketing, the channel is spending big
money on rebranding itself. In fact,
according a source close to the
development, approximately Rs 5
crore will be burnt towards
marketing, for the rebranding as well
as the three new shows that are to
Considering the investment amount, a
hike in advertising revenue seems
logical. “We are keeping our fingers
crossed but we expect a 30 per cent
increase in our advertising revenue.
In terms of subscription and
international distribution, we have
some interesting plans that we will
announce soon,” Jaisingh concludes.

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