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SCV Analog cable signal switched off in Chennai -now back again!

Today SCV switched off its analog cable tv signals and digital signal is coming without problem. Cable operator also confirmed that SCV has stopped its analog transmission. My tv started giving white dots instead of going black.

Edit: SCV has once again returned back with its analog.


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  1. Is this happening to everyone ???? Only the free to air channels are comming for me… For the paid channels like ESPN HBO AXN etc. i am receiving the E48-32 NO SIGNAL error !!! pls reply soon

  2. In Cable it cannot be like DTH. Even if there are 100 MSOs still cable fellows will take connection from the MSO who gives him the most share of the collected money. The situation will change only if all cable operators are allowed to enter other’s so called unofficial area. Till then nothing will change. One day or other cable tv will die for sure.

  3. [quote=’Amatan’ pid=’13108′ dateline=’1357397863′]
    Today SCV is not begging us to buy their stbs every half hour on channels. Why so?

    1: Already they have pissed off people so much with these ad’s.

    2: May be they want to go Analogue for a few more weeks and the push to save their business moving to so other MSO.

    3: Though the chances are less, they want to completely shut down the analogue and do business only with digital.


    I wish if the cable business also has competitors like the DTH, so we can pick the best.

  4. Today SCV is not begging us to buy their stbs every half hour on channels. Why so?

  5. [quote=’Amatan’ pid=’12992′ dateline=’1357110091′]
    Sadly they have again returned.

    Yes, though i dont hate any particular MSO i wish to have a choice and a freedom to choose the MSO, now SCV seems to be the only choice and they want us to watch the channels as per their wish. I hate Monopoly.

    I was happy when it went blank. I wish the Analogue stops again once and for all and some other MSO does some decent competition.

  6. Sadly they have again returned.

  7. Good so finally Chennai is marching towards Cable digitalization…

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