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Shah Rukh Khan’s first jeep was repossessed by the bank

Shah Rukh Khan’s first jeep was repossessed by the bank!

Even fate cannot frown continuously on a hard working and truly talented person! And today, the Baadshah of Bollywood (as he is famously called), Shah Rukh Khan rides cars that are worth million bucks. “My first jeep (second four-wheeler in life after a van) that I had bought during the shoot of Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman was acquired by the bank for non-payment of the money. Juhi then lent me her car for the remaining shoot. Years later, when I was at a hill station for the shoot of Trimurti, I was being driven around in a car and suddenly I realized that the car looked familiar. Apparently, they had sold the cars in lots and the one in which I was, was my car (which was taken away from me!). I used to ride in the car with Jackie (Shroff)”, Shah Rukh Khan told Garima Kumar who hosts ‘Yaar Mera Superstar’ on Zoom.

Watch Shah Rukh Khan reveal more incidents about his life in the full episode of Yaar Mera Superstar on Tuesday, the 15th December at 7.30 pm only on Zoom!

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