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Side-LNBFs fitting Visual Guide

Hi all,

Most of us are proficient in fixing side LNBFs for our dishes. However to make things easier for budding dish enthusiasts, here is a visual representation of the satellite beams falling on the dish reflector and converging at the LNBF feed-horn mouth.

The LNBFs are to be fitted on the opposite direction of the satellite beam as the beam gets reflected from the dish surface in opposite direction. Also the look angle will be higher for LNB if the Elevation angle is lower for that beam and vice-versa.

*The beam widths are shown narrower than actual to avoid confusion. The distances and angles are not to scale and are just for reference.
The LNB distance, tilt etc are to be adjusted for optimum signal(s) reception by trial and error.

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  1. Very good information and it will help members like me. thank you very much.

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