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Signal strength snapshot

Anyone plz upload the Signal strength snapshot in HD DVR.


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  1. 78% sounds good enough

  2. I have HD DVR. 78% showing in both LNB.
    Is this OK or need above that value?
    MJ or any other frnd… how much signal is it showing for both LNB?

  3. y u need only from HD DVR ? how much signal is it showing for both LNB .. and r u facing any problem?

  4. any friend having hd dvr , plz upload your signal strength pic

  5. yes I have hd dvr. I want to know what is signal quality and signal strength of LNB1 and LNB2 in ur dvr?

  6. do you have HD DVR ? what do youwant to know from signal strength image,even signal is low you will get same quality

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