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Siti Cable resumes signals to some Bhopal LCOs

MUMBAI: Multi-system operator (MSO)
Siti Cable has told the Telecom
Disputes Settlement & Appellate
Tribunal (TDSAT) that it has resumed
supply of signals to some local cable
operators (LCOs) attached to Bhopal
Cable Operator Association (BCOA). It
had earlier discontinued the signals to
these LCOs due to inadvertence.
The tribunal, therefore, said that
there was no need to pass an order in
this petition.
Earlier, the tribunal had directed Siti
Cable and BCOA to resolve their
disputes through the process of
mediation. Both the sides had been
directed to appear before the
Mediation Centre on 7 September.
As an interim arrangement, the
tribunal had also directed Siti Cable
not to disconnect the supply of signals
to BCOA cable operators who had made
up-to-date payments as per the
invoices issued by the MSO and
continued to make payment at the
rate at which the invoice of June 2015
was issued.
The tribunal had given this direction
following a categorical statement
made by BCOA counsel Nittin Bhatia
that all the cable operators concerned
had made payments as per the invoices
issued by the MSO. They would
continue to make payments to the MSO
at the rate at which the invoice dated
30 June 2015 was issued.
The tribunal had also said that
whether any cable operator owed dues
to the MSO would be determined on the
basis of reconciliation of accounts
and, if any dues are found against any
of the cable operators, they would
clear it within two weeks from the
ascertainment of the said amount.
Bhatia stated that though the
petitioner represented 119 cable
operators operating in Bhopal, it had
been able to enclose authorisation
signed by only 67 cable operators. He
stated that he would file
authorisation by the remaining 52
operators within a week from today.
The cable operators being represented
in this petition take their feed from
Siti Cable Networks. Their primary
grievance is that the MSO is
unilaterally and steadily increasing
the monthly subscription fees payable
by them.
According to Siti Cable counsel
Tejveer Singh Bhatia, the cable
operators paid the monthly
subscription at the rate of Rs 30 per
STB up to March 2013 and thereafter
at Rs 60 per STB and now the invoices
being raised by the respondent are at
Rs 83.11 paise (excluding taxes) for
the package of channels supplied by it.
While maintaining that he did not have
full instructions in the matter, Bhatia
had said that the MSO had huge dues
against a number of cable operators
represented by the petitioner.

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