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Siti Cable seeks impleadment of Kolkata subsidiary in TDSAT proceedings

MUMBAI: Multi-system operator (MSO)
Siti Cable has sought the impleadment
of its subsidiary Indian Cable Net
Company Ltd (ICNCL) in the matter
involving local cable operators (LCOs)
from Kolkata who have challenged the
disconnection notice issued against
Cable Operators Sangram Association,
Kolkata, had filed a petition on behalf
of 141 cable operators challenging
disconnection notices issued by ICNCL
against its members. However, in the
Telecom Disputes Settlement &
Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT), it had
made Siti Cable the respondent, which
is the parent company of ICNCL.
Siti Cable Network counsel Meet
Malhotra pointed out that the
disconnection notices had been issued
by one ICNCL, which, though a
subsidiary of Siti Cable Network, has
a separate identity in the eyes of
He contended that unless ICNCL is
impleaded as a party respondent, no
effective adjudication may be possible
in this petition and in any case, any
orders made either in favour or
against the sole respondent will leave
the ICNCL unaffected.
At this stage, Cable Operators
Sangram Association, Kolkata counsel
Nittin Bhatia requested for some time
to file an application for bringing on
record the other MSO as one of the
respondents and to amend the petition
suitably in light of the statements
made by Malhotra.
The petitioner has been given time
until 30 September to file amended
Malhotra also said that 78 out of 141
cable operators being represented in
this petition are receiving their
signals from ICNCL, while 48 cable
operators are receiving signals
directly from Siti Cable.
He also maintained some statements
made in the petition were not correct.
The tribunal said that the objections
made by Malhotra could not be
dismissed off hand.

Siti Cable seeks impleadment of Kolkata subsidiary in TDSAT proceedings

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