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Six SD Tamil, Six SD Telugu, Six SD Bangla started on Intelsat 20 at 68.5 East

SD Six Tamil, Six SD Bangla, Six SD Telugu started on Intelsat 20 at 68.5 East where as Kix Tamil, Kix Telugu and Six Bang has left on frequency 3900 H 22220


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  1. Ok bro thanks for info 🙂

  2. same like what it was last year for IPL for Sony Kix . but now it will be Six

  3. Nice share guys so six launching different feed or same channel will have 3 feed ?

  4. [align=center]Same channel with different names.  They are cheating too much.[/align]
    [align=center]Image from Sony Six[/align]
    [align=center][ATTACHMENT NOT FOUND][/align]

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