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Special Actve Week Offer

Tata Sky Subscribers – Special Actve
Week Offer (‘Offer’) is a promotional
scheme which is being offered by Tata
Sky Limited (‘Tata Sky’) to its
Eligible Subscribers. Eligible
Subscribers shall mean a Tata Sky
Subscriber who has an Active Account
Status and who have received this
offer communication on their
registered email ID and/or mobile
number. Tata Sky reserves the right,
at any time, to verify eligibility
requirements, in any manner deemed
appropriate by Tata Sky.
Under this Offer, between 23rd August
2015 to 28th August 2015, Tata Sky
will offer 6 Actve Services, namely,
Actve Music, Actve English, Actve
Cooking, Actve Fun Learn, Actve
Smart Games and Actve Javed Akhtar
to its Eligible Subscribers at a
discounted rate of Re.2/- per day per
Actve Service as against the regular
price of Rs.5/- per day per Actve
Service. The Eligible Subscribers shall
be able to avail this special price of
Rs.2/- per day per Actve Service for
the entire period that they continue
to avail the respective Actve Services
if subscribed by way of this Offer.
Further, it is clarified that if the
Eligible Subscribers wishes to
discontinue the Actve Service
subscribed by way of this Offer, and
then again subscribes to the Pack at a
later date, if made available by Tata
Sky, then the Eligible Subscribers
shall be charged the regular price of
Rs.5/- per day or such other price as
may be charged by Tata Sky at that
period of time.
To avail this Offer, the Eligible
Subscriber has to subscribe to the
Actve Service anytime between 00:00
hours on 23rd August 2015 to
23:59:59 hours on 28th August 2015
by giving a missed call on the number
corresponding to each Actve Service:

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    1. Actve English Rs.2/
    – day 076768 76768

    2. Actve Music Rs.2/
    – day 076763 76763

    3. Actve Smart
    – day 076769 76769

    4. Actve Javed
    Akhtar Rs.2/
    – day 076791 76791

    5. Actve Cooking Rs.2/
    – day 076766 76766

    6. Actve Fun
    – day 076762 76762

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