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Star India treats English movie buffs to new premiere channel

There’s some good news for English
movie buffs. After launching high
definition (HD) feed for its flagship
channel Star Movies and action movies
channel Star Movies Action, Star India
is all set to launch a new HD channel,
Star Movies Select HD. The channel is
slated to go live on July 9 and will be
available across four main direct-to-
home platforms, including Tata Sky,
Airtel, Dish TV and Videocon.
Speaking to FE, Kevin Vaz, general
manager, English cluster, said: “While
Star Movies and Star Movies Action is
meant for younger audiences, the new
channel aims at catching the attention
of the mature discerning audience. In
addition to popular Oscar winning
movies, the channel will showcase
movies like Calvary which, despite
being a critically acclaimed, did not get
released in India.”
Positioned as ‘Star Movies Select – 365
days 365 stories’, the new channel will
show a new movie everyday at 9 pm
apart from airing two premieres a
month. In total, the channel will
showcase 30 premieres in a year,
including movies such as Birdman, The
Grand Budapest Hotel, Gone Girl,
Whiplash, etc.


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  1. MUMBAI:
    existing two English movie channels:
    Star Movies, Star Movies Action.
    Positioned as ‘Star Movies Select –
    365 days 365 stories,’ the channel is
    based on the insight that the audience
    today seeks new and enhanced
    experience in life.
    For a premium HD channel like Star
    Movies Select HD, the network
    undertook an extensive research
    amongst consumers and absorbed the
    feedback to ensure better
    According to Star India business head
    – English cluster Kevin Vaz, the
    findings indicated that consumers
    were facing two problems: One, all
    movie channels were playing same
    movies with several repeats;
    secondly, most of the channels were
    airing only action movies.
    “Through our in-depth research, we
    understood that people wanted
    variety as well as movies from across
    genres,” informs Vaz. “Not more than
    10-15 per cent of the movies being
    aired on the new channel will be from
    the action genre,” he adds.
    The findings further revealed that
    consumers want to see drama,
    comedy, animation and thrillers
    amongst others. “Keeping all this in
    mind, we thought of coming up with a
    product that could address all these
    cravings of a consumer,” asserts Vaz.
    Catering to consumers’ demand for
    variety, the channel has come up with
    a unique proposition of telling
    consumers a fresh story everyday at
    9 pm. Moreover, a chunk of
    international movies which do not
    release in India, due to lack of screen
    space, will also be shown on Star
    Movies Select HD every month. “They
    might be $100 million movies, but do
    not see a India release. We will give
    those to the consumers through our
    new offering. If you look at the
    ratings, 6+ and 7+ movies are
    considered to be the best rated
    movies. Everything on this channel
    will be a 6+ rating movie,” reveals
    The network has tied up with three of
    the biggest Hollywood studios, viz
    21st Century Fox, NBC Universal and
    Disney. “With all these studios, we
    have the first output deal. Under the
    agreement, any movie released by the
    three studios will get aired on Star
    India’s English movie channels,” he
    says informing that close to 60 per
    cent of the movies made are from the
    banner of these three studios.
    Star Movies Select HD will see world
    television premieres of movies like
    Gone Girl, Fault in our Stars, The
    Grand Budapest Hotel, Boyhood,
    Theory of Everything and Birdman to
    name a few. The newbie claims to have
    over 30 premieres in the year, seven
    out of 10 Oscar winning premieres,
    movies that stood out at the Golden
    Globes and more.
    “Normally people feel that any new
    channel is a replica of the existing
    channel from the network, sharing
    the same library. But, we will ensure
    that 90 per cent of the movies being
    telecast are exclusive to Star Movies
    Select HD. For the 10 per cent, which
    may overlap, we will not air movies
    like X-Men or The Wolverine but a
    movie like Life of Pie which is a story
    and visual based movie,” opines Vaz.
    The channel plans to showcase 12-13
    movies each day with weekends being
    a destination for special premieres
    and under released movies. It will
    celebrate the finest stories by
    creating festivals based on strong
    consumer insights – movies based on
    true stories, book adaptations, iconic
    movies, biopics and many more.
    Marketing it in a premium way
    The channel which goes live on 9 July
    is currently focusing on only direct to
    home (DTH) platforms. It will launch
    first on Tata Sky, Videocon d2h and
    Dish TV followed by Airtel Digital TV in
    the next couple of days.
    Being a premium channel, it doesn’t
    plan to have a SD feed. “Being only on
    the HD feed will help in HD
    subscriptions and grow the HD base. If
    you see today all the HD channels are
    replica of SD channels, so it is only a
    clarity which is a plus point,” adds
    The channel has seen a positive
    response from the advertisers. It has
    roped in Pernod Ricard as the channel
    partner. Other advertisers include,
    BMW, Yamaha, Flipkart, Bluestone,
    Hindware, Jockey etc.
    On the day of the launch, buzz will be
    created across Star Network’s SD and
    HD channels including other networks
    too. Radio and digital will also be used
    in a big way to promote the
    A media expert believes that there is
    no channel in the market who will give
    so many premieres. “Take the example
    of MN+, it’s been on for six months,
    but have consumers even talked about
    it? It’s been playing the same library
    that Romedy Now had. There is no
    differentiation. Star Movies Select HD
    looks a classy channel to me,” says
    the expert.

  2. According to their statements it will be with and as other HD channels.. not a premium channel.. thats good for all ..
    So then i am getting this channel in my Full On HD pack.. 🙂

  3. Good share bro so SMS HD launching on tomorrow n will be available on TOP 4 HD Leading DTH Service.

  4. Good… So then on July 9th the channel will be available..

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