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Star Movies Select HD shifted to LCN 28..

Now they have shifted the channel to LCN 28.

This picture was taken at the time of addition .. i am forced to post this for those OLD Eyes Of Young guys ..now they posted after its shifted but not at the time of addition .. strange..

This one is the snap after they shifted..



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  1. Many thanx.. i never tried bcoz of having FTA recievers..

  2. Yes, its easy to find out which TP a certain channel is from in Dishtv box.

  3. Thanx.. Yes many times HD Boxes r not getting updated without scan..
    So we all have some SS confirmations for what we shared here and even in other forum by Jitendra kumar..
    BTW One help i needed @MJ.. I never checked any channels for from which Transponder it belongs in HD Box.. i found few r getting the Transponder of certain channels very easyly 🙁 that too said as not copied … I am always checking in FTA Reciever [PCI Card too a Reciever] ..

  4. I didnt rescan box since morning when it was added, so to me its still on LCN 32 only

    [align=center][ATTACHMENT NOT FOUND][/align]

  5. Yeah it’s added first on LCN 32 Later shifted at LCN 28

  6. Mine is 12688 V only.. I am a Indian but not a great technician or Expert .. 😀 I had just checked once with 12170 H as Home TP but didnt watched or kept for more than 15 minutes.. i am not intrested in Those channels.. bcoz i am watching mostly HD channels itself.. I know what we get if 12170 H as Home TP during new channel additions .. what i can say about Half Knowledged persons .. 😆 nothing..
    BTW Have u kept as 12170 H in Home TP?

  7. Yes, will upload in afternoon.. BTW What is your home TP in dish tv box?

  8. Yes now its in correct LCN.. Do u have that Snap ? then please post here.. so then those Old eyes of young guys can see it correctly..

  9. even in my screenshots at that time its 32 only. Just now maybe they shifted again .

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