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Star Vijay Hitz added on 496

A Tamil movie channel Star Vijay Hitz added on 496


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  1. last 3 years vijay tv accure 90 percent good movies from tamil cinema.library is small but this channel is showing only 6 month to 2 years old movies.if they add dubbed movies ( english to tamil ) it will be huge list.
    currently 4 movies per day ,every day one new movie added to list.

  2. But , STAR Vijay’s movie library is very small.

  3. Which movies will this channel show. Is it only the movies which Star Vijay has rights or is it going to show other movies also..

  4. nice move to show movies like sun direct doing on its platform 🙂

  5. [quote=’MJ786′ pid=’13341′ dateline=’1358217016′]
    is star gold Hitz working?

    yes,this is new channel not replacing star gold hitz.

  6. is star gold Hitz working?

  7. Watch your favorite Tamil movie only on new channel Star Vijay Hitz.
    You will get all star vijay tv movie library.This is the first dth next to sun direct added a south regional VOD channel.

  8. [img]http://i.imgur.com/fldZH.jpg[/img]



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