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STB Issue

Does the STB get jammed if not used for some months? I had disconnected my airtel stb and put it in almira for few months, now that i have reconnected it then its showing No signal error despite all connections being proper.

Just want to ask that what should i do and is it common for stb to behave like this if not used for few months?


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  1. If possible check with some other stb whether Airtel Signal is coming properly. If it is then stb fault.

  2. Don’t know what’s the issue dish aligment is fine, even changed lnb but still not working.

  3. As far as i know STB should get signals if it’s switched on and working fine. there is a chance of not getting signals if the tuner have issues. my relative have a RDTV STB which was deactivated from one and half years and not switched on since then but worked fine and FTA Channels was working.

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