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Sun Direct adds New Test Service channel

Sun Direct adds New Test Service channel on channel no.131.



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  1. No it is new channel which was started recently.

  2. i thought this as malayalam channel. this channel is famous in tamil nadU?

  3. They didn’t get any good Tamil channels to add? Seems this is another DMK licking news channel 🙁

  4. [u]Screen Shot:[/u]

  5. GTV – a new Tamil News Channel is Added on LCN 131 in SUN Direct.

    Source : [url=http://www.dthhelpline.com/forum/Thread-Breaking-News-GTV-Tamil-channel-added?pid=31530#pid31530]Bhavan on DHL[/url]

  6. Definitely not a channel from SUN Group / SUN Direct service…LCN also suggest the same 🙂

  7. Wow one more Tamil channel… Hope it wont be another cinema club channel.

  8. added on 12563 H tp.. after removal of one old nameless channel

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